The installation of a sunroom will require a large enough monetary investment. This room will be an excellent replacement for the gazebo and will allow you to enjoy the unity with nature in any weather.  If the house is very small, the extension will add to its area another living room with a unique coziness and warm atmosphere.


Living room

One of the most popular sunroom arrangement options is to decorate the living room with a recreation area. Cozy upholstered armchairs, spacious sofa, coffee table, or ottoman between them – to organize the recreation area on the sunroom are used traditionally for the living room furniture. It is up to you to add a TV to this composition. But the arrangement of an operating fireplace is an ideal option for creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the sunroom. It’s an attractive option for 4 season sunroom in Minnesota or in other areas. Near the burning hearth, you can gather the whole family on the weekday evening, and discuss the past day. Here you can also receive guests on weekends and holidays.

In the living room space, located in the 4 season sunroom, you can make room for a small office. After all, there is so much light – it is enough just to install a small desk at one of the windows, pick up a chair, which will be combined with the rest of the room furniture and equip the work area with a local source of artificial light to work in the dark.

Dining Hall

Having a meal in a room with a great view of the local landscape is a special pleasure. In addition, in many private homes, the space of the kitchen owners prefer to use only for organizing work areas for cooking. In this case, the presence of a separate room, which can be used for family meals and dinner parties with guests becomes not only important functional segments but also the pride of homeownership.

As in the main building of a private house, in the sunroom, you can find a connection of living and dining areas. Even in a small room, thanks to the use of an open plan, it is possible to effectively place various functional segments, while maintaining a sense of space and freedom. As a rule, in such situations, the zoning is quite conditional, only by furnishing each segment, sometimes with the help of lighting fixtures and carpets.

What can be cozier, more comfortable and pleasant than the opportunity to sit by the fireplace in the sunroom admiring the view and dance of fire in the hearth? Only the prospect of a meal in a circle of seven or friends. The dining room and living room, located on a sunroom equipped with a fireplace – the pride of the country house.

Winter garden

It is difficult to imagine any other place in a private home, except the sunroom, where you could place a large number of indoor plants at the same time. Even located on the northern side of the building sunroom can become a beautiful winter garden (with the right choice of plants). Well, with the southern location of the structure and will have nothing to worry about. The abundance of sunlight, the possibility of timely ventilation and even staying almost outside will favorably affect the development of your plant pets.

Game Room

In the sunroom area, you can take those functional segments that have not found a place in the rooms of the main building. In the sunroom you can equip a music room, workshop, and mini-observatory. By installing a billiard or tennis table, you can organize useful entertainment for the whole family and guests. Of course, no one canceled the availability of recreation areas – comfortable armchairs and sofas, accompanying tables-stands are just necessary for the room sunroom for a good rest.